Christmas Party

On Sunday, January 10, 2010 we will once again be hosting our annual Christmas Party (Yolka) in the church hall.

St. Peter & St. Paul Orthodox Church
Cordially Invites You To

Christmas Party


DATE:        Sunday, January 10, 2010
PLACE:      Church Hall
ADDRESS: 118 Carew st.
Springfield, MA 01104
Time:        Appetizers noon
Dinner 1:00 PM
Music and
Dancing:   Unlimited

Menu will consist of: Salad, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Rolls and Garlic Bread, Carrots, Tea/Coffee (Decaffeinated and Regular), Desserts, Appetizers before dinner.

(Raffle tickets 1 for $1 or 6 for $5)
RSVP by January 3, 2010
For more information please contact Alla Ribinskas (413) 330-7183

Kindly respond by January 3, 2010

Family reservation(s) $50.00

Individual Tickets Adults $35.00

Children under 12 $20.00

Children Under 6 – Free

(Please make check payable to St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church)


Children’s Christmas Party

ALL ARE INVITED to attend, play and be merry at the Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 3:00PM. Refreshments follow. The last day to reserve a seat and a present for your children is December 27, 2009.

Synopsis of the Parish Council Meeting, November 29, 2009

Father Michael presented the flyer for the Yolka on January 10, 2010.  The menu will be Turkey and the prices will be kept the same as previous years. A ticket person was selected and tickets will be mailed after stuffing envelopes on Sunday, December 6.  The raffle tickets will also be available.

Because of the assessment payment, the report was in the Red by $16,000.00. The figures for the utilities were not available for the report, therefore the item was left blank.  They will be available for the next report. The $700.00 under miscellaneous was the for the Bishop’s visit.

Carpeting and floor samples were looked at for the church, but tabled for now to see more samples.

The parking lot next to the church will be worked on Saturday, December 5, starting between 8 and 9 a.m. The parking lot will be cleaned up and gravel will be added to the big holes.

The kitchen needs to be remodeled. Thoughts to include part of the men’s room and the hall are being considered.

The children will again have a Christmas Party in the church hall and they will try to have a song or skit ready for the Yolka.  Parishioners are welcome to come to the children’s party.

Poinsettias will be purchased for the church for Christmas. Pascha flowers will be ordered soon.  It would also be nice to see parishioners decorating the church with window decorations, garlands and wreaths.

We are having the Cookie and Bake Sale.  It will be open to the public starting at 11:30 a.m. A sign will be available and put up outside the church.

Other things discussed are the following: replacing tiles in the ladies room, check on why the ceiling is starting to peel again – is it the roof? Also, children give flowers when greeting the Bishop the next time he comes to visit.

Submitted by Kathy Donabed


Please join us downstairs after the Liturgy for the fellowship meal, hosted this week by Mary Phillips and the Korolev’s family. If you would like to host or to volunteer to help at coffee/tea hour, please sign up on the blackboard downstairs. Next week’s coffee/tea hour will be hosted by: Gregory Fishtik.

Coffee Hour is an opportunity for our community (members and non-members) to express hospitality in a spirit of fellowship. Hospitality is expressed in the fact that everyone is welcome, everything is donated, there is no minimum (or maximum) donation required. All proceeds go directly to the Church and in this sense, Coffee Hour is also a fundraising event.

Please sign up on the blackboard downstairs

  • Please prepare coffee for 50 – 70 people.
  • Please do not use flavored coffees. Please keep coffee hours simple. Bagels and fruit are acceptable. Please check the freshness and availability of milk (or nondairy creamer during the fasting periods). You are welcome to make it as elaborate as you would like but it is not necessary.
  • Money collected at coffee hour should be given to the Treasurer or assistant Treasurer (or any member of council) and is deposited in the church’s general fund.
  • Please clean up the kitchen, serving counter, wash the dishes after coffee hour and take out the trash. Please wipe down the tables in the hall.

Church School!

Of all Holy works, the education of children is the most holy“, said St. Theophan the Recluse. We, who are blessed by knowing the light of teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church, must feel great aspiration to pass it onto our children, for they could grow up in this Holy light!

The Church School meets every other Saturday at 4:00PM. in the Church hall located downstairs in the Church. Our priest offers age-appropriate religious instruction in the Orthodox faith, in the English and Russian language. With God’s help, we hope our youth will progress in wisdom, reason, and every good deed for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and magnification of His Holy Church.

All learning materials, as well as a snack, will be provided at no charge, though donations, of course, are always welcome.

Parents, please make a commitment to bring your children regularly, while the program goes on they miss many important things!

All are welcome to attend.


The next day that the non-perishable food for Open Pantry will be collected is December 20. Suggested items are: paper goods, personal care items, canned meats, canned pasta meals, cereal, cake and other baking mixes, jelly, peanut butter, instant dry milk, pancake mix and syrup, macaroni and cheese, tuna fish, Jell-O and pudding, cookies and crackers, spaghetti sauce, paper products, laundry and dish soap etc. Place items in the barrel in the narthex.


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