Church School!

Of all Holy works, the education of children is the most holy“, said St. Theophan the Recluse. We, who are blessed by knowing the light of teaching of the Holy Orthodox Church, must feel great aspiration to pass it onto our children, for they could grow up in this Holy light!

The Church School meets every other Saturday at 4:00PM. in the Church hall located downstairs in the Church. Our priest offers age-appropriate religious instruction in the Orthodox faith, in the English and Russian language. With God’s help, we hope our youth will progress in wisdom, reason, and every good deed for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and magnification of His Holy Church.

All learning materials, as well as a snack, will be provided at no charge, though donations, of course, are always welcome.

Parents, please make a commitment to bring your children regularly, while the program goes on they miss many important things!

All are welcome to attend.