Please join us downstairs after the Liturgy for the fellowship meal, hosted this week by Mary Phillips and the Korolev’s family. If you would like to host or to volunteer to help at coffee/tea hour, please sign up on the blackboard downstairs. Next week’s coffee/tea hour will be hosted by: Gregory Fishtik.

Coffee Hour is an opportunity for our community (members and non-members) to express hospitality in a spirit of fellowship. Hospitality is expressed in the fact that everyone is welcome, everything is donated, there is no minimum (or maximum) donation required. All proceeds go directly to the Church and in this sense, Coffee Hour is also a fundraising event.

Please sign up on the blackboard downstairs

  • Please prepare coffee for 50 – 70 people.
  • Please do not use flavored coffees. Please keep coffee hours simple. Bagels and fruit are acceptable. Please check the freshness and availability of milk (or nondairy creamer during the fasting periods). You are welcome to make it as elaborate as you would like but it is not necessary.
  • Money collected at coffee hour should be given to the Treasurer or assistant Treasurer (or any member of council) and is deposited in the church’s general fund.
  • Please clean up the kitchen, serving counter, wash the dishes after coffee hour and take out the trash. Please wipe down the tables in the hall.